Ÿ ǰ
Mutoh AC-800 ǰ
Mutoh AC-500 ǰ
Graphtec AP ǰ
Ŀ÷ ǰ
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̴ Դϴ.


Switch shadow and pattern F2
View length of 2GP at border F3
View all size or only base size F4
Seam and Border Interchangeable F5
View/Hide seam border F7
View seam value Ctrl+F7
Display next size F8
Display prev size Shift+F8
Select min curve segment F9
View plot paper border F10
View paper border of print in 1 page Ctrl+F10
Match one size only F11
1:1 view Ctrl+F11
All patterns hang up F12
All patterns down Ctrl+F12
Pattern Link Shift+F12
Cancel ESC
Delete all G-Line Shift+Ctrl+Alt+G
Undo Ctrl+Z
Intelligent pen F
Modify A
Move and rotate  adjust N
Symmetry adjust M
Rectangle S
Angle line L
Divider D
point P
Compasses C
Snip curve Shift+C
Eraser E
Compare length R
Rotate Ctrl+B
Mirror K
Move G
Move and rotate J
Forfex W
Corner V
equidistance curves Q
equidistance curves intersect with two curve B
Curve align T
Redo Ctrl+Y
&New Ctrl+N
&Open... Ctrl+O
&Save Ctrl+S
Save &As... Ctrl+A
Cut pattern Ctrl+X
&Copy pattern Ctrl+C
&Paste pattern Ctrl+V
Delete select patterns Ctrl+D
Clear pattern grading Ctrl+G
Make pattern Ctrl+T
Create shadow Ctrl+Q
Edit Size && measurement Ctrl+E
View/Hide GPoint Ctrl+F
View/Hide NGPoint Ctrl+K
Fill pattern Ctrl+J
View/Hide subtense height Ctrl+H
Redef SelPattern Grainline Ctrl+R
Curve Extend Shift+S
Set temp assist curve Shift+U
Set all temp assist curve to non temp assist curve Ctrl+U